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Welcome to the AAJHS Library!

The library gave books away to 7th graders during lunch on Thursday and Friday to promote summer reading. Have a happy and safe summer!
7th Graders Receive free books!
Local author, Lori Closson, spoke to 7th graders about the writing process.  The students are writing a children's book that takes place in a specific biome and are using their research of that biome within their book."
Lori Closson, local author speaks to AAJHS 7th graders about the writing process.
Mrs. O'Roark's art students hide their original artwork bookmarks in some of the library books.  The student that checks the book out will not only receive a great story, but also an original piece of art to keep!"
Mrs. O'Roark's art students hide their original artwork bookmarks. Mrs. O'Roark's art students hide their original artwork bookmarks.
Mr. DePiro's 7th graders took a virtual field trip to Penn Museum in Philadelphia thanks to an AASD Foundation Grant.  The students learned about the significance of mummification to the Egyptian people.  They also learned the phases of mummification on a mock cadaver."
Mr. DePiro's 7th graders took a virtual field trip to Penn Museum in Philidelphia thanks to an AASD Foundation Grant.
Thank you AASD Foundation! 
Writer Paul Voloponi works with AAJHS writers.

Thanks to an AASD Foundation Grant, award winning author, Paul Voloponi, visited the library and met with Mrs. Lewis's 7th graders.  He gave them feedback on one piece of their own writing. 

The students also learned about the writing process and different writing techniques, such as alliteration.  

It was an amazing experience for our young writers!

AAJHS Spotlight Reader
Reader Spotlight image
Each month, the library will select a library patron to feature as its Spotlight Reader. 
This student will be featured on the library bulletin board, on the AAJHS listserv, and in an episode of Junior Paw Productions. 

We’re proud of our library patrons!  



Spotlight Reader for the Month of May 2017


Jason C.


Our final Spotlight Reader of the month is 7th grader Jason C.  Jason’s favorite literary genre is fiction because even though it’s not real, he likes to imagine himself as the character in the book.  If Jason became an author, he would write fiction books.  He enjoys being taken to imaginary lands with characters that can do impossible acts!

Other than reading, Jason enjoys playing video games and chess.  Jason’s advice for a struggling reader is to reread something that doesn’t make sense to you the first time.  If you still don’t understand it, it might be too difficult for you and perhaps you should get another book.  One rule we have as readers is that if you don’t know what 5 or more words on the first page are, then chances are that book is above your reading level and you should choose another.  This is called the Rule of 5 and it helps us choose appropriate books that we will be able to enjoy.