Tutor Spotlight - 2019

Tutor Spotlight November 2019 - Valerie Stratton

Valerie Stratton has been a dedicated volunteer with the AASD Adult Education Program since 2010. As retired professor, she has graciously given her time to assist international students to learn English. Currently, she is
teaching English to a student from Vietnam. Learning English is a primary goal for the student, who must communicate with native English speakers at her job.
Valerie has had the pleasure of teaching students from all over the world and often meets more hours than required, just to give extra help to her students. In
2018-19, she volunteered over 160 hours!

In her spare time, she is heavily involved in the local theater. She is not only an actress, but a top-notch producer and an all-around Jack-of all-trades in
the theater. She also loves to travel, both domestic and internationally. Valerie is an avid gardener too. She keeps a very busy schedule and has no intention of
slowing down!

Thank You, Valerie! We appreciate your dedication to our adult learners!
Valerie Stratton

Tutor Spotlight October 2019 - Beth Ann Andrews


Beth Ann Andrews

A retired Math & Physics teacher, who is also a longtime tutor in the AASD Adult Education Program, is in our Spotlight this month.  Beth Ann Andrews taught at AASD, Bishop Guilfoyle, Penn Cambria & Mount Aloysius College, for a total of nearly 50 years, before retiring.  To say she loves Math is a huge understatement.  We are glad she chose the AASD Adult Education Program to volunteer.


Her time away from Math will find her traveling with her husband to see the U.S.A.  They also frequently visit their son and his family (including two granddaughters) in Florida.  Beth Ann also likes to read, cook and knit.


Beth Ann currently helps as a classroom aide.  She can be ready, on a minute’s notice, to help learners on any level of Math.  She has helped countless learners working toward the GED or HiSet Math section.


Thank You, Beth Ann for helping our learners.  We appreciate all your time and dedication over the years!

Tutor Spotlight September 2019 - Connie Letscher


Connie Letscher had been tutoring in the AASD Adult Ed. Program for almost six years when asked to “Bring a Friend” to a Professional Development session.  She brought her best friend, her husband of almost 40 years!  John and Connie, together, have logged over 502 hours of tutoring in the 2018-2019 fiscal year.


Connie retired in 2006 after 35 years of teaching. She
most recently taught 5th Grade at Penn Lincoln Elementary, here at AASD. Connie has no problem with lesson planning and zeroing in on the needs of her learners.  She helped John get started and as they say, “The rest is history”. 


John tutors at the Blair County Prison’s program for inmates prepping for release.  The C-Prep (Community Preparation Reentry Education Program) was started by now retired,  Honorable Jolene Kopriva and is held at the American Rescue Building on Mulberry Street in Hollidaysburg.  Connie has tutored many ELL (English Language Learners) but has also tutored for the High School Equivalency program. 


Together, John and Connie also currently tutor a married couple from Vietnam.  They started by learning the English alphabet and have been working very hard each week to advance into English Grammar and Writing.  The Vietnamese couple hopes to start working on Citizenship soon.

Connie Letscher