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A Commitment to Quality

The AASD began its pursuit of Total Quality Education in 1985. Some seven years later, Q-SITE (Quality Schools Involving Teams for Excellence) became a reality.

Q-SITE is a process of decision-making which takes place at each school and actively involves the people who are responsible for increasing student achievement.

Q-SITE teams are comprised of parents, community members, teachers, support staff and the building principal. These stakeholders, using available data, systematically plan, monitor and evaluate goals and projects to continuously improve their schools.

In January, 2002, the school district took another step forward in its pursuit of quality when it received ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001, the internationally-recognized standard, provides a guide for establishing, improving and maintaining a quality management system. Certification is proof that the AASD has met these standards. ISO 9001 focuses on customer service, standardization of processes and procedures, strategic planning and continuous improvement.