Speech & Language Identification Process

The Altoona Area School District's school age speech/language pathology identification process:

The Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP) screens students new to the building, students referred by teachers, and students for whom a parent has a concern.

After the screening process, if it is determined your child may benefit from Speech/Language support serveces (SLS), the evaluation process begins.  If your child has been identified for evaluation, here are some of the forms that will be sent home for you to review and sign.

  • Permission to Evaluate form

Parent/gauardian must complete this form and return it to the SLP in order for the evaluation to take place.
  • Request for Parent Input

This form requests background information from the parent/gaurdian about the student participating in the evaluation.  This information is helpful to the SLP when completing the evaluation.

Once the Permission to Evaluate and the Parent Input Form are completed and returned to school, the evaluation is completed and the evaluation report is developed.  Once again, there will be some forms that will be sent home for you to review, sign, and return to the SLP.
  • Invitation to Participate
The parent/guadian is notified of a place, date, and time to attend a meeting to discuss the results of the Evaluation Report and the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for speech/language support services if needed.

During the meeting,  the following forms and terms may be discussed:
  • Notice of Recommended Educational Placement

The parent/guardian will give permission for speech/langauge support services by signing this form.
  • Services

Speech/language support services begin within 14 days of parent/gaurdian approval with the Notice of Recommended Educational Placement.  The services are typically provided in an individual or small group setting in the speech room within the school.  Sometimes services will be provided within the classroom setting.
  • Consultation

Consultation with school staff will provide these individuals with information and strategies for assisting students with speech/lanugage concerns.