Welcome to the AAHS Library!

The AAHS Library is pleased to offer even more E-Resources to our patrons. Patrons are now able to access more digital material that supports research and learning. In addition to Ebsco resources, patrons now have access to Gale and Lincoln Library Online resources.
The AAHS Library is excited to have been selected to receive a new mural entitled, “Reading Completes the Picture.”  The mural was created by Mrs. Wall’s Art for Public Places Class.  Please stop by to see this new amazing work of art.

The AAHS Library is proud to announce that it now has video conferencing.  Students are able to connect with other learning communities from all areas of the world in real time.  Student at Altoona High School have connected live with places such the United Nations, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, and Hennepin Theater.