Social Studies

The Elementary Social Studies Program aims to develop concepts and skills needed to promote and maintain democratic values.

Objectives are geared to develop good citizens who understand the function of government.

An essential focus of the Altoona Area School District's Social Studies curriculum is to encourage pride and respect for Democratic ideals and heritage. Respect for the rights and opinions of others, cooperation and responsibility are crucial concepts and skills inherent in the teaching of Social Studies.

Children should be aware of the fact that each group of people is unique and that heritage and environment play a major role in how people meet their needs and wants. A knowledge of economics is essential.

It is particularly important for students to realize that man's way of living and working in a particular place change from time to time due to a new law, a new invention, or the depletion or discovery of a natural resource.

The Social Studies curriculum also aims to promote an understanding that past people and events have contributed greatly to the present, but that America still needs young people to understand, analyze, evaluate, and create new ideas.

  • Use the tools, concepts and techniques needed to discover ways people affect and are affected by geography.
  • Compare and contrast the environment and life in various regions of the nation and the world.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, skills and attitudes to natural and cultural environments.
  • Understand the events of the past that affect life today.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of occurrences in history that have contributed to the development of people, governments and economies today.
  • Recognize and appreciate the contributions of people from various racial, ethnic, religious and gender groups to the growth and development of the quality of life.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of various government systems and how they work.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, appreciation and application of responsibilities required by citizenship in a democratic society.
  • Recognize and understand essential economic concepts upon which the American system is based.
  • Understand the need for economic interdependence, what it is and how it works.
  • Demonstrate knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the various cultures.
  • Understand the importance of family and schools to their own life and to the quality of life in general.
  • Demonstrate skills in gathering, analyzing, and evaluating all forms of information when problems solving and making decisions.