AAHS Senior Mike McCloskey Meeting His Fitness Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic caused all of us to change our daily schedules.  We found ourselves spending more time at home, many of us not going out much at all.  For students, school temporarily transitioned to online learning.  There was a lot of time spent on mobile devices and not a lot of activity for us to get involved.

AAHS Physical Education quickly adjusted to online instruction by providing students with short 5-10 minute workouts and lessons they could do at home to stay active and meet the criteria of the class.

For AAHS senior Mike McCloskey, it was those 5-10 minute workouts and the challenge to identify his fitness goals that inspired him to lose weight. 

McCloskey and his peers were given a prompt to answer when online learning began, “You’re in charge of your goals…,” and asked to share their fitness goals. After some thought and consideration, McCloskey knew he wanted to lose weight, but he didn’t have a specific weight goal in mind.   

So, he started to do the 5-10 minute workouts and he started to walk outdoors.  Soon his father was walking with him and now his dad walks on a regular basis.  He then began to use the Oculus Quest VR glasses where he now spends 1 – 1 ½ hours per day in fitness activity.  This activity specifically related to him because he enjoys gaming.

The result has been incredible.  He began his journey at 310lbs and has lost nearly 60lbs since April 2020. 

McCloskey’s mom attributes the workouts provided by his teachers as the impetus in motivating him in this journey.  He knows he feels better and his fitness activity has become a part of his day.  When asked what he would tell someone who may want to start working out, he paused and said, “I would tell them, do the fitness that suits you.”

Mr. Palfey said “that’s exactly what we’re trying to convey in Physical Education.”