AASD Vision~Mission~Motto


The vision of the Altoona Area School District is to continuously improve the AASD so that all are an integral part of our learning community. We strive to cultivate a safe environment where all learn and grow through positive and respectful interactions.


It is the mission of the district to seek to continuously improve the climate, culture and student achievement within a safe environment by fostering trust, collaboration and progressive communication.


AASD - we:       Aspire.   Achieve.   Succeed.   Dream.
A Commitment to Quality
The AASD recognizes the importance of quality and the impact it has on the education of our students. It is through our continuous improvement efforts that we effectively and efficiently affect student achievement.
Since 1985, Q-SITE (Quality Schools Involving Teams for Excellence) councils comprised of teachers, parents, community members and other school staff meet at each building on a regular basis. It is through this collaborative effort that school-wide goals and initiatives are identified to increase student achievement and improve the climate and culture of each individual school.
The customer is the focus of the school district's Quality Management System. Processes are identified, objectives are designed and measured, decisions are data-driven and continuous improvement is a constant aim.