AASD Transportation Department

Bus and Van Garage
230 Greenwood Road
Altoona, PA 16602
Phone: (814) 946-8220
AASD Transportation Office
1208 8th Avenue
Altoona, PA 16602
Attn: Aaron Nadolsky
Phone: (814) 946-8221   FAX: (814) 946-8141
Students Transported Daily 5,403
   AASD Students    5,148
   Private Students       255
AASD Transportation Fleet 108
   Buses    45
   Vans    45
   Lift Buses    18
Miles Traveled per Year 761,961.84
Student Transportation of America (STA) 
Student Transportation of America (STA) provides bus and van service for eligible students.
STA is looking for Bus Drivers for the Altoona Area School District. Click here to submit an application. Call 814-946-8220 for more information.