Central Supply

  • We receive items at the dock ordered by the schools from outside vendors. The items are removed from the trucks and registered in the receiving computer. They are checked against purchase orders for accuracy and sent to the building that requested the items via our supply truck. Our office staff then clears the purchase orders and keys into the computer for payment by the finance office.
  • We purchase and stock in the warehouse, supplies that are ordered by the offices, teachers, art, medical, and custodial staff to use in the buildings throughout the year. When they order the items on a desk order or summer order list, we will pull those items and package them for distribution by our supply truck.
  • We have a facility that stores items buildings no longer needed and have dispositioned for removal, storage, or discard. We pick the items up and do what is recommended on the disposition by the administration.
  • We receive and distribute incoming and outgoing mail from the buildings and post office. It is sorted and taken to each building as indicated on the envelope and pickup any outgoing mail. Bring the mail back, sort it for next-day delivery, or take it to the post office at the end of the day to be mailed as needed.
  • Our truck driver moves equipment around from one building to another as requested on a truck request. He also moves loaner items for temporary use such as chairs, tables, and cleaning equipment.
  • We do most of the custodial work for the Adams building from policing the grounds, clearing sidewalks of snow, and general cleaning inside the building.