Technology Network

Director of Technology - 814-940-6974
Bryce Cossitor
  • All classrooms are connected to the school district’s private fiber optic ring. Students can access high-speed Internet across the District.

  • Extensive professional development for AASD staff promotes true integration of educational technology.

  • Parents can check student progress online through Skyward. Real-time grades, homework updates, school announcements and the ability to communicate quickly with teachers via e-mail are important features of the system.

  • All classrooms are digital classrooms that feature interactive whiteboards, digital projectors and electronic student response systems.

  • Mobile computer carts and iPad carts are used in all schools to help integrate technology into the curriculum.

  • Elementary students (K-6) use technology as a tool for project-based learning.

  • McAuliffe Heights Program at Irving was the district’s first digital school.

  • Mountain Lion Television allows students to write and produce daily morning news shows as well as “The Lion’s Den,” a lively news program telecast to the community.

  • Implementation of iPad 1:1 distribution at the high school sophomore level.

  • Junior Paw Productions, a 9th grade elective, allows student to film, edit, produce and broadcast monthly segments on activities happening at AAJHS via closed caption television.