Board of Directors

2020 AASD School Board

Front Row:  Kelly Irwin Adams, Dr. Frank Meloy, Sharon Bream, Dr. Charles Prijatelj, Rick Hoover

Back Row: David Francis, Eric Haugh, Ron Johnston, Mike Baker, Ed Kreuz


Meeting Information

Citizens wishing to address the board should contact Camilla Houy, Board Secretary, at 814-946-8206.
Meeting Locations
The Altoona Area School District Board of Directors announces the following location changes for the District’s meetings. Regular Board Meetings and Committee of the Whole meetings will now be held in the Altoona Area High School Science Commons, 1404 6th Ave., Altoona, PA.
Up to 60 people can be in attendance, including Board members, AASD staff, solicitor and media. Prior registration for a seat must be made by calling 814-946-8206 by 3PM the day of the meeting. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-registered citizens will be required to present identification upon entering the building to confirm registration and to participate in a wellness screening (including temperature screening). Additionally, face coverings will be required while in the building.
Please park in the large parking lot in front of AAHS.

*Regular Board meetings will also streamed live on AltoonaSD YouTube channel at .

February 2021 Meetings
Thursday, 2/11/21 Facilities Committee 6:00 pm AAHS B-123
Tuesday, 2/16/21 *Regular Board Meeting 7:00 pm Science Commons
Thursday, 2/25/21 Technology Committee 5:00 pm AAHS B-123

March 2021 Meetings
Monday, 3/1/21 COW Meeting 6:00 pm Science Commons
Thursday, 3/5/21 *Special Board Meeting 6:00 pm Science Commons
Tuesday, 3/9/21 Policy Committee 10:00 am AAHS B-123
Tuesday, 3/9/21 Finance Committee 6:30 pm AAHS B-123
Thursday, 3/11/21 Facilities Committee 6:00 pm AAHS B-123
Monday, 3/15/21 *Regular Board Meeting 7:00 pm Science Commons
Complete School Board Meeting Locations 2021
  Term Expires Contact E-Mail
Sharon Bream - President December 2023
Dr. Frank Meloy - Vice-President December 2023
Mike Baker December 2023
Dave Francis December 2021
Eric Haugh December 2023
Rick Hoover December 2021
Kelly Irwin-Adams December 2021
Ron Johnston December 2023
Ed Kreuz December 2021
 Charter School Funding Formula
(Please note that this document is a scanned document for purposes of signature identification. Alternate forms of the file are available upon request. Contact the Board Secretary at 814-946-8206.)