Comprehensive Plan

Planning Process
The Altoona Area School District has involved many school and community personnel in developing the components of the Comprehensive Plan. These groups include representatives of the community, businesses, parents, staff, administration and the School Board. The Professional Education Committee and Special Education Committee, along with additional administrators, serve as the District Level Planning Team and each school also has established its own planning team with similar stakeholders. Additional representatives have been continuously sought and utilized because of the need for the thinking of a variety of individuals.
The basic planning process has consisted of school level team meetings and district level team meetings involving all stakeholder groups and intensive brainstorming sessions at the school level with full faculty teams. The Superintendent, Assistant Superintendents, Director of Technology, Director of Special Education, and Principals have compiled the work of the sub-groups into goals, strategies, and implementation steps for their areas of responsibility.
The various planning meetings have been scheduled before, during, and after school, as needed.