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If connecting from home, use the PowerLibrary  link below and have your Library Card ready.
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Power Library (available off site via Altoona Area Public Library). Library Card is needed to access information from this site.
Educational Activities 
Language Arts
 Dr. Seuss Sites
  Math and Business Resource Guide (Thank you Elliot P.!)
  Brain Pop - Student login will not work after 5PM.     
  Botany Games & Resources 
(Thank you to Mrs. Grey's Kids: Jayla, Brody, Mason and Jenny!)
  Science Bob Experiments 
    (Thank you Caroline)
  Volcanoes   (Thank you Caroline)
    Sea World Fact Book
    Barn Animals
        -Thank You Ava!
Social Studies
  PowerLibrary - Can be accessed through the Altoona Public Library website with a public library card.  At the Altoona Area Public Library home page, click the Digital Library tab at the top. In the next window, click the Power Library box. Have your Altoona Area Public Library bar code number ready!
      Please report broken links to: Mrs. Gloria Sprankle.
Teacher Resources
   Teachers Guide to Money Around the World  (Thank you Katie @ Colorado Springs Tutors!)
    Math and Business Resource Guide (Thank you Elliot P!)
Grade 3
States of Matter The Basic Needs of Plants and Animals
-Brain Pop -Flip Book
  -Animal Habitats for Kids
  -National Geographic - Animal Habitats
  Solar System
  -Astronomy for Kids
Science Lesson Plan Sites - Grade 3 Science Lesson Plan Sites - Grade 4
Uses of Water Weather
-Drippy the Raindrop -Wild Wild Weather
-Aquifer in a Cup -Additional Teaching Ideas - Weather
Water Cycle (Changing State of Water) Storms
-Activity Sheet -Winter Storms
  -Precipitation and Lightning
Changing States of Water -Experiment with Storms
-Drip Drop: Water's Journey  
-Water Cycle Quiz Severe Weather
-The Density of Salt Water Experiment -Wild Wild Weather
  -National Weather Service
Animal Life Cycle -Make a Tornado
-Frog Life Cycle Quiz  
-Fruit Fly Observation Cause and Effect of Wildfires
  -Smokey the Bear
Moon -Wildfire Crossword Puzzle
-Moon Walk  
-Moon Pictures Simple Machines
-Moon Observation -Engineering: Simple Machines
-Moon Tools  
-Moon Quiz Where Animals Live
  -Animals Instruction
Sounds -Pandas
-SFS Kids -Gorillas
-Sounds -Animal Scavenger Hunt
-Ear Guitar Experiment  
  Food Chain
Working with Heat -Food Chain
-Heat Lesson Plans -Web of Life
-Solar Box Cooker -Order a Food Chain
-Heat Transfer Experiment -Food Web
-Solar Heat Experiment -Food Chain Cards Game
  -The Wildlife Web II
Plants With Seeds -The Bug Buffet
-Growth of a Bean Seed  
-The Great Plant Escape  
-Class Garden Animal Defenses
-Flower Power Lesson Plan -Animal Adaptation
-Traveling Seeds Lesson Plan -Lesson Plan on Reptiles
-Herbs in the Classroom -Lesson Plan on Reptiles and Amphibian Defense Strategies
-Soil Types & Testing -Lesson Plan on Animal Camouflage
-Lima Bean Seed Experiment -Rainforest Adaptation Chart
  -Images from the Hubble Telescope
  -Zoom Astronomy
  -Alphabetical Constellation List
  -The Constellations
  -Operation Night Sky Watch
  -Sun and Stars Lesson Plan
  -Zoom Astronomy
  -Eclipse Quiz
  -Explore the Solar System
  -Nine Planets
  -Zoom Astronomy
  -An Inquirer's Guide to the Universe
  Matter and How it Changes
  -Matter Information
  -States of Matter
  Growth and Behavior of Plants
  -The Great Plant Escape
  -Plant Resources for Teachers
  -New York Philharmonic
  -Can Sound Travel Thought Things?
  -Physics of Sound
Environment Lesson Plan Sites - Grade 3 Environment Lesson Plan Sites - Grade 4
Watersheds and Wetlands Conserving Water
-What's it Like Where You Live? -Conserving Water Site
Preventing and Reducing Waste Pollution What's Buggin' You? Insect Exploration
-Edugreen -Bug World
Agriculture and Society Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
-Camp Silos -Resources
Energy Conservation Common Household Chemicals and Their Impact on the Environment
-Natural Resources Defense Council -Chemicals Around Your House
  Compost, Landfills and Incinerators
  -Making a Mini-Landfill
  Pollution (1)
  -EPA Kids
  Acid Rain
  -Acid Rain Kids Webpage
  Soil and Plant Growth
  -The Great Plant Escape
Save Our Species!
  Pollution Solution
  -When Greenville Turned Brown