1. To help students attain and maintain an optimum health status so that they may receive maximum benefit from their educational experiences.
  2. To promote the development of positive health attitudes and practices.
  3. To promote a risk-free environment.
  4. To integrate the school health program with other health service delivery, systems.

    1. To maintain a comprehensive health record system.
    2. To assess the health status of students.
    3. To identify health problems and develop and implement plans of action for their resolution or management.

    1. To provide health counseling and instruction for students, parents, and faculty/staff.
    2. To assist with the development. of positive health attitudes and practices through formal and informal instruction.
    3. To provide health education for school personnel and parents.

    1. To plan and implement a program of prevention and control of communicable diseases in accordance with regulations.
    2. To develop and implement an emergency care plan.
    3. To identify problem areas in the school environment and assist with corrective measures.

    1. To design a health referral and follow-up system.
    2. To increase parents' knowledge of available health-related resources.
    3. To assist students to become knowledgeable health consumers.


Goals and objectives are obtained by providing the mandated school health services and following the guidelines of the Department of Health, the Pennsylvania School Code, and the State Nurse Practice Act.
Nursing activities and services are provided throughout the school year and achievement of the nursing goals and objectives are measured and documented in the final "Report of School Health Services".