Instructions to Translate Web Pages to Another Language

Google Chrome can translate the web page into a different language


Change the language of your Chrome browser
(Windows & Chromebook only)

Chrome Icon
On your computer, open Chrome
Customize and control Google Chrome
At the top-right, click the three dots and click "Settings"
Language Icon
On the left, click "Languages"
Add Languages
Under "Preferred languages", click "Add languages" 
Find your preferred language in the list or search in the top right
 Display Google in this language
To the right of the preferred language, click the three dots. Click "Display Google Chrome in this language"
This option is only available on Windows and Chromebook computers.
 Refresh Arrows Restart Chrome to apply the changes

Translating Webpages

Toggle Switch ON
Under "Google Translate", make sure the switch is blue and on
Language Dropdown
Next to "Translate into this language", find your preferred language

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