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Mission Statement

The Altoona School District's Department of Athletics (Grades 7-12), strives to provide an environment that will complement and enrich the overall quality of all students' educational experiences. The emphasis of the program is to provide opportunities that encourage the pursuit of lifetime activities, a sense of commitment and teamwork, and the development of personal character while maintaining an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among its student-athletes and athletic department staff.
The Athletics program's purpose is to provide competitive experiences that are consistent with the mission of the Altoona School District and which contribute to the growth and development of student-athletes, as well as, integrate members of the Altoona Athletic Family (students, faculty, staff, administration) through participation in a broad-based program that includes PIAA Interscholastic sports, intramurals, club sports, and recreational activities. The athletic program has a firm belief that all participants are students first and athletes second as is reflected by the District's athletic eligibility policy. As a member, in good standing, of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, we are committed to the values inherent in PIAA high school athletics philosophy and place preserving the integrity of the programs as the highest priority.


The Athletic Department strives to achieve the same standards of excellence in its athletic program as exist within the District's academic programs. The Athletic Department recognizes a multiple commitment to serve the District, student-athletes, alumni, and friends. Further, it embraces the concept that the student-athlete is first and foremost a student possessing individual rights, academic abilities, personal interests, and ambitions comparable to those of other members of the student body.


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