Big "A" Booster Club

Your Big “A” Booster Club supports the twenty-two varsity sports at Altoona Area High School. Last year some of our projects included special equipment needs for the various teams and senior student-athlete gifts and awards given by the team’s coaches. These awards are presented at special school assemblies where families and friends are always invited to attend!

Every year your Big “A” Booster Club also awards four (4) $750 Big “A” Scholarships to deserving male (2) and female (2) student-athletes. All participating student-athletes are eligible to compete for the scholarships as long as their parents/guardians are members of your Big “A” Booster Club. However, in addition to encouraging all of you to join the Big “A” Booster Club, we are in need of YOUR VOLUNTEER HELP!
The above assistance provided to the student-athletes is largely supplemented by the field house concession stand and selling 50/50 tickets that you have seen at athletic events.
But there have been, unfortunately, far too few adults in this community who have been offering their help at these events. And, to be perfectly honest, if your Big “A” Booster Club DOES NOT begin to receive offers of volunteer help at these events, your Big “A” is going to disappear. This is the reality of our situation. There are about five (5) adults (none with children in the school district for over a decade) who do ALL of the volunteering. What will disappear? Student-athlete scholarships, special equipment needs, senior student-athlete gifts, and much, much more.
Yes - we are ALL busy, including the coaches with their family, work, and coaching your student-athlete. But, your fellow parents/guardians and YOU offering an hour or two at a single event would be greatly appreciated! So, your Big “A” Booster Club is asking parents/guardians to step up to help ALL of the athletic programs.
The main events we need help with are the fall home football games where we conduct the 50/50 drawings and the winter concession stand in the field house for basketball and wrestling tournaments along with district championships.
Any help at all would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!
If we ALL work together, your Big “A” Booster Club can continue to help their only focus: YOUR STUDENT-ATHLETE!
To volunteer, please contact: Joe Eckels, Big “A” President, at 944-0407.