Get Started


Orientation and TABE Testing
Adults begin their journey with us by completing New Learner Orientation and TABE Pretesting, which are held every week. You must complete both prior to beginning classes.
  • During Orientation, our Student Support Coordinator will meet with each new student to complete the Intake packet, develop SMART goals, identify potential barriers and solutions, review pretesting results, explore learning options, and determine a class schedule.
  • TABE Pretesting assesses learner's skill levels so that teachers can guide students to the most appropriate class and determine a starting point for each learner.
Learning Options
In Person Classes
Our certified instructors are ready to help you meet your goals in an encouraging classroom setting.
You can work at your own pace and practice the skills you want to focus on.
    • Mornings (9AM-11AM)- Monday through Thursday
    • Afternoons (12PM-2PM)- Monday through Thursday
    • Evenings (5PM-7PM)- Tuesday and Thursday
Real Time Remote
Schedule an appointment with your instructor.
  • You have the options to meet with your instructor virtually or over the phone.
Supplemental Distance Learning
Reinforce what you learned with your teacher during class, by completing assignments at home at your pace.
  • You must attend In Person or Remote Real-Time Classes in order to use this learning option.
  • The online supplemental options include: Google Classroom, Essential Ed., and Khan Academy.
  • If you have no internet access, we can provide paper-packets.