Tutoring Program

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 Tutors and Classroom Aides for Adult Learners
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Tutor Description of Activities and  Qualifications

Volunteer tutors provide one-on-one or small group instruction to students for a minimum of three hours per week. They must have a bachelor’s degree or be participating in an Americorps program. Volunteer tutors are required to have written lesson plans for all tutoring/small group sessions and work with tutor coordinators to review goals and adjust student placement, as needed.  Volunteer tutors are required to participate in an initial tutor training and additional professional learning opportunities as offered. 

Classroom Aide Activities and Qualifications
A volunteer classroom aide provides supplemental instruction to a student or students who are enrolled in a class or group. The volunteer classroom aide does not have primary responsibility for instructional planning. In cases where a volunteer classroom aide prepares lessons, he or she must share the lesson(s) with the primary instructor to ensure the supplemental instruction aligns with the classroom instruction. Unlike the volunteer instructor position, the volunteer classroom aide position does not require a four-year degree and has no minimum hours per week.  Volunteer classroom aides are offered training and ongoing professional learning opportunities.